What To Do (& Not Do) When Sex Gets Weird

What To Do (& Not Do) When Sex Gets Weird

One tip? Home Depot is not a good location to get it on.

Sex can be great ... except when it's not. And, after we brought you valuable lessons from bad sex, we learned that sometimes it can get pretty weird. 

So what happens when lovemaking takes a turn for the worse? Our friends at Huffington Post Weird News have seen a lot of bizarre things happen when people get it on, so they put together a guide of the ultimate dos and dont's for when sex gets strange.

From picking the right location to get busy — Home Depot, for the record is not a good location— to making sure you don't confuse porn with reality, here are the 9 things you need to know about weird sex. 

And in case you weren't sure, don't run over your ex's mother with a car, then send him a text message that says, "LOL."

See the guide at Huffington Post Weird News: 9 DO's And DON'Ts For When Sex Gets Weird

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