2 Good Health Habits for You After the Age of 60


Did you know that after the age of 60 picking up new health habits may seem difficult but they carry

Did you know that after the age of 60 picking up new health habits may seem difficult but they carry benefits that make you feel as you did in your younger years?  The website, familydoctor.org, says in the article, “Good Health Habits at Age 60 and Beyond,” that, “It may seem like more trouble than it’s worth to start doing something new.  However, even small changes can improve your health.”  This is the time when you HAVE time to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do so feeling up to the challenge is quite important.

1. Put some physical activity in your life.  It’s never too late to begin walking 30 minutes a day or taking your bike for a spin around the neighbourhood.  This type of activity will strengthen your muscles and bones and help you to maintain your independent lifestyle which you enjoy.  You’ll be less likely to injure yourself  from a fall because strong bones are harder to break.  Physical stimulation is also good for your brain.  It’s important to keep your body energized and your brain functions operating at maximum levels.

2. You should eat more fibre.  By increasing your fibre intake, you are helping to improve your health in three ways:
• Your colon will work better
• You’ll reduce your risk of heart attack, type 2 diabetes, and forms of cancer
• You will lower your cholesterol

According to this report, if you’re a male over 50, you should get 30 grams of fibre per day; women over 50 should get 21 grams per day.  Remember that you don’t have to make all changes in your diet at one time; making a few changes at a time will work better for you.  Try salt-free snacks and those that are low in fat first and then work your way to toast at breakfast and eat an orange instead of drinking orange juice. Adding some fruits and vegetables to your diet will add health benefits for you; they are high in fibre and contain other vitamins and minerals that are good for you as well. 

The types of food that you eat and the activities in which you engage are habits that can be refined and adjusted as you grow older.  You should develop a support group of friends and companions who will encourage you and provide advice when you most need it.  By joining a group like the 60andsingle.net website, you’ll be able to find people who enjoy the same things as you do and can join you in pursuing a new and better lifestyle.  They can help you as you begin to exercise, eat healthier, and stop unhealthy habits that impact your health in a negative way. Along with their support, you’ll have friends who can celebrate your successes as you work toward a more enjoyable and stress-free life.

Making a commitment to becoming a better and more conscientious person when it comes to your health is a step in the right direction.