You're Still Beautiful Even If You're Not A Blue-eyed Blonde


Why Miss World 2013 isn't making me proud to be Filipina and I was actually born there

Is it too much to ask that Miss Philippines 2013 be Filipina with a name and face that reflects the Islands? No, it's not discrimination, it's just a question. For the record, my aunt was a beauty queen when she was 17, and unlike Young has the typical surname of the Phillipines which is usually a Spanish or Native one. No, my aunt may be Mestiza looking, but both her parents were Filipino.

Sure the Islands reflects the Spanish and American influence of its colonial history, but when Miss Philippines 2013 became the representative for the Miss World contest ... I was not amused. I'm downright annoyed. Does anyone realize that just because you don't have Caucasian features and blonde hair with blue eyes, it doesn't exclude you from being beautiful? Has it dawned on anyone that diversity and variety in good looks is a great thing? Personally, if all the men in the world were blue-eyed blondes I'd be bored. A world without Colin Farrell just doesn't feel right.

The greater issue here is why someone like Megan Young is being celebrated for winning a title on behalf of an Asian nation when she doesn't resemble the classical beauties found on a typical day in Manila? Couldn't the Philippines celebrate what we look naturally look like? Instead of putting those with European looks on a pedestal as better? What is better? Who said? And why does it matter?

I have plenty of proof that the native looking beauties can give the Mestiza women a run for their money. A quick glance at the Filipina actresses mentioned in Fil-Am magazines proves it every time. While Megan Young's win is not something to diminish, I can't help but wonder who were her competitors for Miss Philippines in the first place? I'm willing to bet a native looking beauty would have done just as well as a representative for the country. I'll even bet that they could have also taken home the Miss World 2013 crown.