How to Get a Leo Man to Fall in Love with You Again

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Star signs says your more compatible with a Leo guy? Here's how you can attract one

How do get a Leo man to fall in love with you again? A Leo man is a loyal lover but he is also prone to jealousy and possessiveness. However, these are feelings that arise when he is insecure about his love so it’s best not to let him worry. That means that you need to show your support and prove that you really love him.

Trying to get a Leo man to fall in love with you again means that you need to make up for the things that you’ve done wrong. If you’ve taken him for granted then you need to prove how much you appreciate having him in your life. A Leo man is, after all, a proud man who loves attention. While he may be engrossed with himself, he can also be affectionate and as mentioned, a loyal companion.

When things are still tense between the two of you, give yourselves time to cool off before you say something that you would regret. Being proud, he hates being offended so instead of putting him down, give him a chance to explain himself. Then you can try telling him your side of the story and try to solve your issues without turning it into WWIII.

How to get a Leo man to fall in love with you again? Keep in mind that being a loyal companion means he expects loyalty from you as well. If you’ve hurt him, apologize and redeem yourself. Instead of putting him down, boost his ego and show him affection. Be calm when you’re having arguments so you can talk things through.