Just the Two of Us

Love, Family

A couples parenting guide on spending quality time with your other half.

Being a parent is tough, the word I use to explain it is relentless. There is always something to do and children can put strain on any relationship. So when you think you have some quality time together make sure you make the most of it.

We all seem to be suffering from less sleep, less time, less romance in our lives, but there are ways that you can stretch time and rekindle romance so come and explore some ideas that might help you get the most form some ‘kid free’ time.

Switch off

I don’t mean from each other. I mean switch off the phones, tablets, computers, TV’s etc. One of modern life’s most annoying aspects is that we are all constantly available and constantly contactable and these distractions mean that you’re not concentrating on the person you love.

If you have made time in your diary to be with each other then make sure its uninterrupted time by switching everything off; when I say off I mean OFF and not ON SILENT MODE. There is nothing more annoying than a vibrating phone on a glass table top!

Be Reminiscent

Can you remember your first date? Can you recreate it? Spend some time thinking about your first date and see what you can do to bring back aspects of that time. It could be that you go out to that somewhere special where you first held hands or you could try to recreate the first meal you had together at home. Whichever you do remember that this is a special date, so dress to impress and make sure all the details are correct. Go the extra mile; make sure that you have thought through all the possible little touches so your date is extra special.

Do something with your mind and body

Not that! That comes later. Do something like play a sport that you both enjoy or a board game or puzzle that you can both work at. Dancing is always a fun way to spend time together, find a local place where you can spend some time dancing together the night away. There is shared gratification from being physical and mentally challenged, so don’t sit in front of the TV, do something that makes you work as a partnership. You fell in love with your partner’s abilities so look for them again and you’ll be delighted to see them as an individual and not as an extension of your children.

Escape the Normal

Explore a new town; find a mini break, or simply take a walk somewhere neither of you has been. Jet set off to somewhere exotic like the Caribbean and stay in a Barbados all-inclusive resort just for couples. The act of discovering new places is something people are always doing. Just don’t make it too hard… couples arguing over reading maps are not a good look.

Be Attentive

Modern life can suck the common good out of the best of us. Manners get dropped, calls go unanswered and we miss the finer details in each other’s body language. This is the time to spend moments with your partner and really discover what they are feeling. Try giving your partner a massage or have a bath together. Intimate time is essential for you to reconnect on a more loving level.

The final part is up to you…

We are all different we all have different urges and desires and we all have triggers that will work for each of us. I wish you the best of luck with spending quality time with your partner. Hopefully with a little forward planning there is something here that you can take away and use to reignite some passion and love into your relationship, and then you can get back to the darling cherubic children and the blissful mayhem of parenting!