Online Dating Isn't the Problem Your Dating Coach Is!


Especially the ones who recommend online dating exclusively

Are you in your own way? According to Love Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan you probably are and are 100% to blame for your lack of love from How are you sabotaging yourself? She writes:

  • Unresolved issues from past relationships causing a bad outlook on love or poor attitude towards men
  • Family issues and childhood trauma
  • Lack of familiarity with dating rules that have not changed for many years
  • Using business skills to connect with men rather than relying on feminine charm
  • Believing that equal rights means men and women are the same — that creates a wide array of problems
  • Not understanding single men — how they think and why they behave as they do
  • Desire for instant gratification, wishing you could quickly meet the right man without doing the dating (I know I wanted this!)
  • The idea that people should know automatically how to date without learning about it or building skills

In response, this is my reply to her and other love coaches who are using the blame the person for not being a sex bomb like Sofia Vergara approach: With all due respect, you are not addressing the major technical flaw in the online dating world which are the high percentage of inactive users on those sites being represented as available.

Furthermore, the reasons you site as why a single woman is in her own way, are very clever statements that are a great way to make someone insecure and doubt themselves so they will buy your courses and coaching. The best way to understand men is to read Maxim and FHM and work around alot of single straight men who are hot. That is what I did. And all of them call every dating coach method I have reviewed ... idiotic ... the only one they approve of is Get the Guy from Matthew Hussey.

Also, some singles regardless of gender are in need of real therapy before dating as their issues run deep. They are better off investing that money into working out such issues instead of getting coaches by people who aren't trained to deal with the human psyche at that level. The only dating coaches I recommend who deals with the interior issues that block love are Debi Berndt and Tamara Green. Many love gurus know that insecurity is a fast way to land a client. Heck, it worked on me and I got conned out of $1500 from Kathryn Alice who turned arounf and blamed me too.

BTW ... I met the man of my dreams on OKCupid but it took a matchmaker named Anni Powers to connect me to the real love for me!