Listen Up, Ladies: These Are The Top 9 Myths About Men

Listen Up, Ladies: These Are The Top 9 Myths About Men
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Thought you knew everything there was to know about the fellas? Think again.

Guys are simple creatures ... right? You've definitely uttered "you know how guys are" or "typical guy move" before.

Sometimes we think we know everything about the opposite sex, especially when it comes to relationships, but the truth is, there's still plenty to learn. Even judging by our new column, What Guys Really Think ..., we're sometimes surprised by how men actually feel.

Our friends at Essence came up with a great list of all the things we've been getting wrong about men — and there's a lot.

From how often they think about sex to how they feel about commitment, you'll be shocked at some of these myths that set the record straight.

See the top 9 myths at Essence: Modern Day Matchmaker: Top 9 Myths About Men

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