Skin Needling for Acne Scar Treatment with Derma Rollers


What you should know about Medical Skin Needling

Since appearance plays a vital role in determining a person’s confidence, a number of people all over the globe are adopting different procedures to get rid of their skin problems. But, most of the cosmetic and medical procedures for skin replenishment such as laser therapy are considered as invasive procedures. This means they break through the skin and expose the tissues to the elements of the environment.

But, recently, physicians and patients have found respite in a non-invasive procedure called medical needling. Safe for the health of the skin, needling can prevent and cure a number of skin conditions effectively. Here’s all about medical needling you ought to know:

What is medical needling?

Medical needling is another name given to collagen induction therapy. It is a non-invasive procedure that uses sterile rollers with hundreds of tiny pins that puncture the skin to open its pores, and naturally induce the production of collagen and elastin.

There are different needle sizes used for treating several skin conditions. The needle length varies between 0.50 mm and 2.50mm. While needle sizes less than 0.50mm can be used at home too, anything above 1.00mm is meant for clinical and medical use. 

How does medical skin needling work?

When a medical roller is moved over the skin, its needles create tiny punctures in the skin and a natural healing cascade is launched. The brain is tricked to believe that the skin is injured and needs collagen for its repair. Increased release of collagen and elastin, in turn treats several skin problems simultaneously. 

What can medical needling treat?

Medical needling normalizes and restores the function of the cells. By doing so, it can effectively treat even the most stubborn skin conditions, such as melesma, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, hair loss, UV damage, and stretch marks too.

Under regular circumstances, one would need separate treatments for these skin conditions, but medical needling can treat them simultaneously. It is equally effective for treating saggy skin on the face, and other parts of the body including the knees, thighs, arms and stomach. You can use it for removing wrinkles and fine lines, and for reducing acne scar UV damage. 

What can you expect from medical needling?

Medical needling is suitable for all skin types, and complexions. It effectively helps in tightening the skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, and also reduces different scars on the skin.

The results can be expected from the first session, with gradual improvement observed over 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the extent of damage and the quality of the skin. Any typical treatment series may require six sessions, scheduled over 12 weeks. If not 100%, one can expect anywhere between 60% to 90% improvement in the condition with needling.

The results of the treatment are long lasting because the new collagen produced lasts comfortably for the next 10 years. 

Why choose medical needling over other treatments?

Yes, the collagen production and the restoring of the cell function are reasons enough to choose medical needling for curing the skin, but there are other reasons too why it is the better choice.

  • In comparison with skin laser treatments and others, medical rolling costs only a fraction. It is the most affordable skin revitalizing procedure.
  • It is probably the only skin procedure that treats multiple problems simultaneously.
  • Unlike other procedures, it does not pose the risk of post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.