Cushion Cut & Radiant Cut Diamonds: Always for You

Cushion Cut & Radiant Cut Diamonds: Always for You

Diamonds are always for you to increase your lifestyle.

Most of us approach a jewelry store to buy loose diamonds without a thought of what we actually want to buy. When you are buying expensive gemstones, there is a lot that you need to think about to make an informed decision. You need to be versed with the diamond grading and certification needs. If you are not sure of the style that you want to buy, well cushion cut diamonds and radiant cut diamonds are the most popular choice. Read on!

Diamonds are available in a number of shapes, sizes and styles; picking one that your girlfriend would definitely like is a challenging task. Being well informed about diamond quality and its certification can help you choose a good quality gemstone, but without an impressive shape, it is just worthless, really! So, focus on making an informed decision and do not get swayed by read-made pitches of salesmen at jewelry stores.

Cushion cut diamonds and radiant cut diamonds are the most preferred diamond shapes these days.  Almost all leading jewelry designers and celebs are now using radiant and cushion cut diamonds at the center of their rings. Be it an engagement ring or a wedding ring, a simple diamond ring or an occasional one, radiant and cushion cut diamonds are making the centre of them all.

Cushion cut and radiant cut diamonds are nowadays available in both square and rectangular orientations, and they both make for gemstones that last forever. But, the two shapes are two very different cuts.

Cushion cut diamonds have a rich vintage look. They are available in square and rectangular shapes with rounded sides and corners. Such stones are considered to be a supple version or an emerald cut. Step cut or Brilliant faceting gives the cushion cut a glorious brilliance, and attracts customers towards it colorful genius. Since the cushion cut is available in various forms and weights, it is important to emphasize on the size of the diamond instead of its carats. The size will determine how big the stone is. 

Radiant cut diamonds on the other hand have a very modern appearance. Such gemstones just are perfect for anyone who appreciates the beauty and style of round and emerald cut which are also highly desirable. Present one to your better half and you’ll know what it means! Radiant cut are an immaculate hybrid of emerald cut and traditional round cut. The stones are available in square and rectangular orientations with tapered sides and corners. Radiant cut diamonds attract a lot of color, and their measurement can differ from one weigh to the other. A purchaser needs to emphasis on the length and width of the stone instead of the carat while buying it. Measurements determine the size and how big the stone may look on the ring. 

Types of radiant cut and cushion cut diamonds

  • Rectangular cut diamond:

A rectangular cut diamond is for clients looking for an emerald cut shape with a brilliance of round shaped diamond. •

  • Square cut diamond:

Square cut radiant and cushion cut diamond matches the princess cut in all aspect, except for the fact that corners of the square cut diamond are cropped. Regardless of what kind of jewelry you want to buy, do consider radiant and cushion cut. These diamonds are so stunningly beautiful and they deserve to be checked out at least once by anyone looking to buy something ‘forever’; something that reminds a loved one of your love and care all the time! Hope, you would get some quality information about cushion cut and radiant cut diamonds. If you have any query you can visit my author profile. I will be more than happy to solve your queries. You can also like us on facebook to get dialy updates