The 25 Hottest Hollywood Bachelors Over 25!

Celebrity Sex: 25 Hottest Hollywood Bachelors Over 25!

Well, hello there, Scott Eastwood.

When we saw the pics from Scott Eastwood's (yes, son of Clint) photo shoot for Town & Country's October issue, we had to do a little digging ... and drooling.

The 27-year-old model-slash-actor is looking more and more like dear old dad—in the best and hunkiest way possible. He may be the son of an uber-famous celeb, but his childhood was more humble than his genes let on. He didn't grow up in the limelight; instead he was raised by his mother (one of Clint's mistresses) in Hawaii. While he didn't necessarily have the access an actor's son might enjoy, he still wants to be a leading man—but on his own terms. "I want to be a man's man—not a kid actor or a glitzy pop star but a no-bullsh*t leading man."

With that, Scott has the honor of topping our list of the 25 hottest celebrity bachelors over 25!

Scott Eastwood, 27
Despite his swanky last name, don't expect to spot him rubbing elbows with the Hollywood A-List. "I'm not a club kind of guy," he told Town & Country. "Dive bars are much more my thing. They're no-nonsense."

Town & Country

Ryan Gosling, 32
Hey girl, I know I've been photographed with Eva Mendes a lot lately, but that doesn't mean I'm completely locked down. He's yet to slip a ring on her finger, plus the guy saves puppies! He's a hottie with a heart of gold.


Robert Pattinson, 27
Have you seen his new ad for Dior? As if he wasn't already destined for this list after splitting with Kristen Stewart, that smoldering look certainly put him over the top. Don't mind us, we're watching it on loop.

Dior ad screen shot

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 32
This guy's come a long way since his 3rd Rock days--and so have his looks! We wouldn't mind having our mind blown by the hunky Inception star, if you know what we mean.


Adam Brody, 33
TV worlds collide! The O.C.'s Seth Cohen recently started dating Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf, but that doesn't mean he's off limits for this round up.


Johnny Depp, 50
Sure, he may take up some kooky roles here and there, but in photos and on the red carpet there's a subtle sensuality that always peeks through. If you're still not convinced, go watch Chocolat.


Chace Crawford, 28
While the Gossip guy hooked up with some of the hottest ladies around on his hit CW show, IRL this hottie is currently unattached.


Josh Bowman, 25
This Hollywood gem rocks a suit on a daily basis on Revenge, but trust us, it doesn't hold a candle to his shirtless bod. Even though he's dating his co-star Emily VanCamp, until we see a ring he's still a bachelor in our eyes!


George Clooney, 52
George has been crowned People's Sexiest Man of the Year ... twice! With honors like those, how could we not include him on this list? And after his split with Stacy Keibler earlier this year, the serial bachelor is back on the market. But probably not for long.


Mark Salling, 31
This Glee hunk has the brooding, sexy thing down pat! Plus, he knows how to sing and bust a move ... what's hotter than that?


Garrett Hedlund, 29
True, he may have turned down the sexiest role of his lifetime when he reportedly said no to Fifty Shades of Grey, but he's still got hottie status. We can forgive, but we sure won't forget that body.


Gerard Butler, 43
Between the Scottish accent and his body in 300, try convincing us Gerard Butler isn't one of the hottest bachelors around.


Josh Henderson, 31
This Dallas dude has mastered the art of seduction. Whether he's using his powers for good or evil isn't always clear on the addictive show, but one thing's for sure: we'd save a horse to ride this cowboy.


Ian Somerhalder, 34
We know vampires are supposed to be cold, but this one's as hot as it gets! And after his break with long-time girlfriend Nina Dobrev, this would-be Christian Grey is available once again.


John Stamos, 50
If anyone can make Greek yogurt sexy, it's Uncle Jesse. Though he was married to Rebecca Romijn for a while, the divorcee isn't in a serious relationship right now.


Michael B. Jordan, 26
You may recognize his good looks from The Wire or Friday Night Lights, but this hottie might just find himself nominated for an Oscar next year for his portrayal of Oscar Grant in this summer's Fruitvale Station.


Andrew Garfield, 30
Even though he's in a quiet relationship with Spiderman co-star Emma Stone, our spidey senses wouldn't let us keep him off this list.


Eddie Redmayne, 31
The former Burberry model officially stole our hearts as Marius in last year's Les Mis. He might have a girlfriend, but until there's a ring, that deal is far from sealed.


Max Irons, 27
Just look at that jawline! Scott isn't the only bachelor on this list with Hollywood in his blood; Max's dad is none other than Academy Award-winner Jeremy Irons.


Alexander Skarsgard, 37
Our next eligible bachelor comes from one of the most attractively-cast shows on television (that's a pretty difficult title to earn, too).


Sam Palladio, 26
Not only can this hottie sing, but the English-born Nashville actor has a sexy accent in real life. Where do we sign up?


Henry Cavill, 30
This would-be Christian Grey doesn't need that coveted role to make our list--he earned this spot long ago. But in case you need a little more persuading, check out his chiseled bod in this summer's Man of Steel.


Joe Manganiello, 36
Apparently, yes, it is possible to be this hot. Between his roles in True Blood and Magic Mike, it's not hard to figure out why he makes the list.


Chris Evans, 32
As Captain America in The Avengers, he had to share the screen with a host of beautiful superheroes. Still, we couldn't keep our eyes off of him!


Prince Harry, 29
He may not be a Hollywood hottie, but his status as the world's most eligible bachelor is enough cred for him. But hurry ladies, there are plenty of rumors swirling about whether or not he's going to pop the question to his current girlfriend Cressida Bonas.