Features You Must Consider to Rate a Dating Site


Reputable dating services online provide a number of features to help enhance your dating experience. Whether you are new to the concept of online dating, or you want to increase your chances of finding a quality dating site, there are a few features to note that may give an idea of how useful the site is. In this sense, you are looking for features that previous users or online dating experts would want site visitors to pay attention to and for good reason.

This gives potential users a good idea on how well their experience would be in using the site. Such pertinent details help the site achieve a positive or negative dating site rating. When considering rating the site, the following features may pose higher levels of importance.

Membership Features

Some dating sites offer a number of features to improve or enhance your online dating experience. Yet, such package details vary because it depends on the type or level of membership the site may offer. Some have paid memberships or free memberships with fewer features. You may have the option to contact someone of interest on the site through email, instant messages, chat room, or message boards.

Profile Selection and Set-up

How easy can you set up a profile on the site? Some can be completed quite quickly and only require you to provide basic information. Others may be time consuming since you have to answer a long list of questions to make your profile more interesting. Some sites may require you to answer certain questions or be required to have them all answered in order for your profile to go public. On the flip side, how large or small is the selection of profiles do you have to view and browse? Some dating sites have larger networks allowing them to offer more profiles for you to view.

Search Abilities and Result Compatibility

What are the search capabilities of the site? You should be able to find a person based on characteristics or qualifications easy. You should have various options on how to conduct your search such as by hair color, city, zip code, or other preferences. Another related area to rate includes compatibility, as in the site offering potential candidates based on your personal characteristics. Many quality dating sites may have a tool that will rate your compatibility with other members. This information may be based on your dating preferences and whether the site even has the capability to compare your interests to other members.

Site Navigation, Help and Support

Popular dating sites make it easy for you to navigate from one page to the next. You should find your way around the site easily even if you are a new visitor. There should be a menu or list of pages that is clearly labeled to help you get to where you want to be within the site. Other helpful details to rate include the type of support members can use when they are experiencing issues (either via phone, chat, instant message, etc.) or even a FAQ page with detailed information.