They Just Don't Measure Up


Not bothering unless it's amazing.

I'm now 33, and single. And happy about it. My new business is going great guns. I have two beautiful kids. A great social life.
After my last 3 relationships, I'd like to keep it this way for a while!

It's not that I don't want to meet anyone right now. I do. Seriously I do. But there is no chance I will ever settle again.

I've had a pretty disastrous run over the past few years. There was the husband than run off to Thailand, the stalker who ran off with my lipstick brand (who's now moved again to the top of my street- joy!), then the South African Dom who actually wanted a young Submissive. Even my recent New York fling crashed and burned.

I've had some lovely dates recently but I just don't think I'm emotionally even AVAILABLE to be in a relationship right now.
I'm so focussed on my exciting new business, and the kids, and investing time in my friends. I'm really happy!

Maybe I'm just getting extra picky in my old age, but I don't feel like bothering unless it's AMAZING. What's the point. I have a great life. Why mess it up!?

Who else is going through something like this?