The Most Common Sex Myths, That Are Not True!


Just when you think, you are done with this subject some more crazy ideas come up in your mind.

You know it too that myths are generally easy to spot, due to their abnormality. Either that people create myths in order to make rumor and in the end, obviously advertising their products, or that people have a huge imagination that must be exploited, myths are here, including sex myths! Sexual myths are 99% amusing, if not totally ridiculous! Nevertheless, keep your spirits up and try to savor them. I must be honest with you, I had some hilarious moments when I first read about this topic; quite funny after all. Making the moment last forever and persist in the audience’s mind, will attract different types of benefits. These splashes of life, or also called inventions of the human mind have a huge success among people of all ages. The odder they are the more viewers they attract. Let´s see some of the things that simply made my day, hopefully it will make yours too.

Penis size

Well, size does matter. However, the inches men claim they have, is humorous. Most women agree with the idea that bigger is better; however, from this to what man fantasize they have it is a long, long way. Guys, don´t state you have something you don´t, because it is also true that even the small things can do magic if you know how to do it right! Moreover, sometimes if the penis is too big, it can cause pain and serious physical problems for women. It can even make the sexual act not mind blowing at all.

The vibrator can communicate the unspoken Calm down girls!

The idea that your lover might feel awkward if he sees you using a dildo is not 100% true! Why is that? There are guys who get aroused when they see their girlfriend using their battery pal and not at all intimidated by it! So, do not hesitate to show him who you really are! Men cannot have multiple orgasms Well, think about it, it is all a word game, or a common confusion. People mistake the concept of ejaculating with reaching climax. So, in other words, even a man can get aroused multiple times, without actually ejaculating.

Women cannot get pregnant when they have their period

Girls, pay attention and research the topic a little bit more if you do not want to have an unexpected surprise. You can get pregnant at any stage of your period, even on the first day of your period. ‘Sperm can live inside the body for up to a week, so if you have sex during your period and then ovulate shortly after, his little swimmers could still be hanging around.’ (Sherman Silber, M.D., director of the Infertility Center in St. Louis)

Porn is not for women

Is this true? NO! Porn is a source of inspiration for many, including for women! Women can watch porn as often as men do. This discrimination between genders has caused many conflicts and even has led to this myth. So, let’s bust this myth! Shall we? ‘There is more to sex appeal than just measurements. I don’t need a bedroom to prove my womanliness. I can convey just as much sex appeal, picking apples off a tree or standing in the rain.’ (Audrey Hepburn)