Dating? Here Are 10 Ways To Find Mr. Right

10 Ways To Choose Mr. Right

Are you tired of dating men who aren't worth your time?

Are you tired of dating men who aren't worth your time? Do you find it hard to find the right guy? Relationship guru Kevin Carr shares his best advice to help you choose men more wisely.

1. Don't Fall In Love Too Fast

Love is the greatest feeling one can experience but heartbreak can be one of the worst experiences as well. Don't let your feelings blind you from the facts of the relationship. If you're falling in love, make sure you're taking the leap together.

2. Don't Ignore The Red Flags

Men will show their true colors from day one. Don't expect him to change into the man you want him to be. Actions speak louder than words, accept it and move on to someone worthy of your time.

3. Be Happy No Matter What

In order to be truly happy in your relationship you have to be happy with yourself. A relationship cannot last if you depend on him for your happiness. When you're happy with yourself the right love will come along.

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