Seriously? Demi Moore's Dating Her Ex-Boyfriend's Dad?

Love: Demi Moore's Dating Her Ex-Boyfriend's Dad?

Demi Moore might be known for her love of younger men, but is the actress changing her cougar ways?

Is Demi Moore dating ex-boyfriend Harry Morton's dad, Peter?

E! News is reporting that Moore has been romancing Hard Rock Cafe mogul Peter Morton for a few months now. Apparently, the two were introduced through her 31-year-old ex.

The 50-year-old actress began dating Harry Morton back in January, according to People magazine. After six months together, they split up in May. They became good friends, but allegedly realized a longterm love was never going to happen.

Now, it appears she has her sights set on an older Morton man.

Are the cougar-no-more rumors true? Keep reading: Demi Moore Dating Peter Morton? Actress Reportedly Romancing Ex-Boyfriend's Dad

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