Healthy Hobbies for Men: How a Hobby Can Help You in Bed


Men may not think having a hobby is masculine, but having a few can play a big role in how you perform in bed. Studies show that being active in having a hobby or two can help relieve stress, allow you to be more relaxed, and even help you feel better about yourself. Don’t worry; healthy hobbies for men do not involve frilly arts & crafts, television soap operas, or knitting circles. Yet, because so many men have busy schedules few feel they don’t need recreation or time to themselves. This is not true and having a hobby can do you a world of good, especially when a woman finds it attractive.

4 Healthy Hobby Ideas for Men

Men who are physically active can help reduce chances of developing illness and disease. A hobby can help take your mind of things, help you build up natural energy, and even be a way to help you meet eligible bachelorettes through expanding your social circle. The following hobbies are a few ideas to consider:

1. Canoeing and kayaking. This hobby can be done competitively as a sport or as a fun hobby to do with family and friends. As a healthy hobby it encourages good physical fitness as you paddle through the waters. Plus, you build strength and flexibility through the body. You can find out more info on good Canoes for beginners at Nova Craft Canoes.

2. Fishing. Not only can catching fish be good for you, eating it can be even better. There are a number of health benefits to eating fish, but it wouldn’t hurt to go out and enjoy a relaxing lake setting catching a few fish. Look into ways to make this activity fun; plan a fishing trip or getaway and look into new fishing gear available.

3. Mentoring or coaching. You can feel good that you are contributing in helping others be successful. This also exercises leadership, confidence and good self-esteem. Think about little league teams who could use a good role model in helping them practice good sportsmanship. Or, maybe you consider yourself an expert in a certain area and you wouldn’t mind sharing knowledge you have learned to others who are new and learning.

4. Collecting. This is probably an all-time favorite hobby for a lot of men. Yet, this can be an opportunity to start the collection you have always wanted. You shouldn’t let lack of money get in the way; be creative and optimistic. It may help to research some ideas and options online to help you get started.

Additional Information to Keep in Mind

Healthy hobbies can be anything you want that you enjoy doing but with health benefits. Playing cards, chess or bike riding are other ideas. Research hobbies to learn which ones may offer the best health benefits. For those lucky men who have a significant other or spouse, sex itself may be a hobby of interest since there are health benefits in this as well.