13 Must-See Wedding Cakes

13 Must-See Wedding Cakes

We need to find the bakers behind these masterpieces.

Most wedding cakes are pretty standard; tiers, flowers, pearls, etc. But sometimes, some couples veer a little off from the norm. And then there are those who go off the reservation completely. Guess who we focused on today? These insane cakes are not to be missed.



This looks like something Bambi's parents would order
Well, if you're going to go all out for a Star Wars wedding, you might as well go all out
And close up (amazing detail Really, who doesn't want to eat a recreation of an iconic Star Wars moment involving a tauntaun and a tiny fondant Luke Skywalker?).
Just so everyone knows whose day it is
I…I just…okay, there are no words
A warning to keep the competition at bay?
Yeah, because nothing says "Here's the love of my life" like Alien vs Predator (though I guess it is kind of sweet that they're getting along)
Can anyone think of a classier way to remember your wedding day?
Just winning the Stanley Cup wasn't enough No, they had to have it sculpted out of cake. That's not excessive or anything.
Enough with the Disney weddings already!
I don't really find this image confidence-inspiring You?
Yep, nothing inappropriate going on here
Couldn't even make it to the honeymoon, eh?
Is this two dogs under a chuppah? Because if so, I officially give up