The 'Frouple' Phenomenon: When Your BFF Is Kinda Your Boyfriend

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The multi-frouple
"I think I'm actually part of three frouples right now. There's my long-distance friend who I text daily, my go-to party girl who always gets me into some necessary trouble, and then there's my lifelong pal who I've known since grade school. They each give me a different type of nurturing, whether I need advice about family drama, or I just need to get drunk. I think what sets these relationships apart from other friendships is the level of communication. I never need to fight to get their attention — we're always in sync. I should also mention that none of my frouples are frouples with each other. Oh god no! That would be way too messy." —Stephanie, Ocala, FL

The male frouple (it's not exactly a bromance — it's one step further)
"Though I would never use that word, my buddy Paul and I probably qualified at one point. Fine, we we're a frouple! We were constantly together in our early twenties. If I got invited to a party, it was just a given that he'd go with me. I guess things started to unravel a bit when he got a girlfriend. I found myself getting irrationally mad at him. Like this one time I blew up at him because he wouldn't get breakfast with me. I was like, "Go f**ck yourself, man. I want brunch!" Like, really? Over brunch? I think I argued more with him than any other guy friend, but probably just because we were so close. Now he's married and has a kid. I don't see him as much as I used to, but I still consider him one of my best friends. Hey, at least we don't argue anymore.” —Steve, Long Island City, NY

The codependent frouple
"My best friend and I don’t live together, but we're still constantly around each other. We do a boot camp class on the weekends, we travel, and last year we even started a side business together. Recently, we both signed up for online dating. The only weird thing is that she insists I go on her dates with her. I don't mind, but I can tell the guys are a little turned off by it. I've tried to tell her it's weird, but she insists. I think the guy she ends up with is going to inherit me by default. I'm like the friendship equivalent of a step-daughter." —Leslie, New York, NY

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