14 On-Screen Couples Who Could Have Been

14 On-Screen Couples Who Could Have Been

A who’s who of almosts.

Competition for roles in Hollywood is fierce, with lots of celebrities coming out for one or two parts. We've rounded up our favorite romantic films and the leading twosomes (and threesomes) that almost were. Tell us your favorite could-have-been in the comments section!



A bevy of different actors and actresses were considered for the hit Titanic. We could have had a Christian Bale/Jennifer Aniston-driven flick. Or even Johnny Depp and Drew Barrymore!
Kate Beckinsale would have made for an even more badass Jenny in Gangs of New York, across from Leonardo DiCaprio’s Amsterdam Vallon
Enchanted would have been a very different film with a leading couple of Christina Aguilera and Val Kilmer
Henry Cavill and Charlize Theron would have made for an odd couple in the remake of Casino Royale
Several possible combinations for Vivian and Edward in Pretty Woman could have been Christopher Reeve and Molly Ringwald, Daniel Day-Lewis and Meg Ryan, and Denzel Washington and Michelle Pfeiffer
Jim Carrey was once considered for the lead role of Howard Hughes in The Aviator, potentially across from Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman
Tom Cruise and Teri Hatcher could have taken the lead roles in A Beautiful Mind
Natalie Portman could have starred across from James McAvoy in Becoming Jane if it weren’t for Anne Hathaway
Pearl Harbor’s love triangle could have been portrayed by James Cavizel, Ashton Kutcher and Gwyneth Paltrow
Pirates of the Caribbean could have been captained by Heath Ledger and Amanda Bynes
Johnny Lee Miller and Gwyneth Paltrow would have made an…interesting pair in Ever After
Imagine a Shakespeare in Love with Meg Ryan and Daniel Day-Lewis
Brokeback Mountain once ran the chance of centering around Mark Whalberg and Joaquin Phoenix
Sarah Michelle Gellar would have starred across from Leonardi DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet if her contract with All My Children hadn’t gotten in the way