6 People Who Master The Art Of Getting Ready For Dates

6 People Who Master The Art Of Getting Ready For Dates
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What can we learn from them? Just dance.

One of my favorite things on the planet is getting ready for a big night — especially dates. Taking my time, doing my eyeliner and hair super slowly, having a cocktail with myself while listening to calm songs ...it's weirdly relaxing, which is perfect for when I'm about to do something a little anxiety-ridden (I'm good at makeup, bad at romance).

So how do other people get ready for dates? Well, according to a recent Spotify and Match.com study, 78% of them feel like listening to music is an integral part of their prep regime. Whether they're getting dressed, cleaning up their home or doing laundry — busting a move is clearly a must in order to get properly pumped.

Let's take a look at a few of of the best date night routines, shall we?

1. Here's how you can epicly clean your date night outfit while looking entirely too cool. Plus, it's an oh-so-familiar song...

2. This girl dances to an awesome song while getting ready.

3. Learn how to do your makeup AND get a little bit of dancing in before a date!

4. A perplexing video that is so bizarre, and yet ... I can't look away.

5. John Travolta basically defined date-night prep. An inspiration to all of us.

6. Same goes for this guy and his excellent sweeping techniques. Cleaning the floor has never looked so fun.


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