How to Stop Choosing the Wrong People to Love


Debi Berndt's October workshop in Santa Monica shows you how

The true love you seek is within you. That's right. It all begins with you. Ever notice how some people always seem to pick the wrong person? They want to stop but can't. The truth is anyone can change the kind of man or woman they are attracted to. How? One way is the Inner Adam work of Debi Berndt. The Inner Adam is what determines whom a woman is drawn to. In some cases the attraction is like a moth to a flame and the woman gets burned. By changing the Inner Adam, the kind of love that results can be radically different and better!

Debi Berndt and her partner Dr. Roberto Maldonado are hosting a one day Inner Soulmate workshop on Saturday, October 26, 2013 in Santa Monica at Loews Beachfront Hotel. Participants can distinguish and learn to transform their love picker. It all begins with making your subconscious mind your best friend in love.

You can indulge in all the dating techniques in the world, hire matchmakers, sign-up for a million online dating sites, but until you transform your Inner Adam, you will get the same results. What the subconscious is trying to do is heal by seeking out partners who may remind us of our cold and unavailable father or mother. Sadly, this attempt only causes a re-traumatizing of the original wound. Enough! There is nothing to fix says Berndt. Once you know and get you are enough, the real authentic healing can begin.

Thanks to Debi Berndt's work, her Engaged In A Year coaching, helped me realized how my own Inner Adam was creating more heartbreak for me. In a previous article I described my Inner Adam as "James Bond". James Bond being the suspicious, detached, cold, emotionally uninvested, devilishly charming player, who is here one moment and then gone for good the next. James Bond thrives on games like the cloak and dagger mysteries portrayed in numerous films. Loving James Bond only leaves you left behind and not the one and only in his heart. Besdies, James Bond is heartless and women are like cars, he changes them up whenever he can. Fact is, James Bond can't and won't love anyone but himself.

Now, after going through Debi's program and immersing myself in her other work, my Inner Adam has changed dramatically. Now, I'm clear that my Inner Adam and right soulmate is more a Dr. Spencer Reid from Crimminal Minds. The right man for me is a brainiac, geeky but charming, witty, and intelligent but likes to surf.  My new Inner Adam is also the kind who values their soulmate as an equal. So, imagine if Spencer and Maeve had a happy ending after all. That's what I got out of Debi's work.