Get the Guy Launches Keep the Guy


Real-life Hitch Matthew Hussey helps you make him a keeper

It's not enough to Get the Guy, you have to Keep the Guy, hence his brand new program of the same name. Hussey reveals the top three secrets that create commitment in a man towards one special woman.

The 10-DVD series collection is filled with attraction keeping secrets to help women move a relationship to the level of marriage and family life with a man if that is what they want. When Hussey brought his very successful Get the Guy method to the masses, many women reported landing fabulous relationships, but then Hussey noticed a new problem. Women who were using his program were getting the guy but not keeping him. Never one to rest on his laurels, Hussey created Keep the Guy to end heartbreak even more.

What sets Hussey apart is that he is a problem solver. And he doesn't blame women for their results. Instead, Keep the Guy sheds some insight on how me are their own worst energy. According to Hussey, men have a blueprint for how the timing of their lives should go. If the right woman comes along at the wrong time, a man's blueprint can cause him to sabotage the opportunity. This is how Husssey explains how women become the 'one who got away' years later.

Now a woman can change things. If she knows a man's blueprint she can use powerful influencers to shift it. Women are often more flexible with their blueprint and it's in thier power to guide a man to see the value in being flexible himself. Keep the Guy is now available on Hussey's website. Click here to order.