Milestones for the Modern Single Lady


What are the milestones for single women, when there's no husband or kids?

Every popular woman’s magazine has, at some point, run an article about things a woman should know by a certain age or lifestage. One of my favorites, by Pamela Redmond Safran, ran in Glamour Magazine ( It’s a smart and fun list of her take on life’s milestones for the 30-year-old woman.
But there’s another list “out there” that makes me roll my eyes when I think about it. It’s about the milestones of adulthood (

and, even though I’m deep into adulthood chronologically, I don’t really qualify as an adult according to this list. You see, sociologists have traditionally defined “the transition to adulthood” as being marked by five milestones:
1. Completing school
2. Leaving home
3. Becoming financially independent
4. Marrying
5. Having a child.

Did you see that? According to sociologists, I’m not an adult. I have not advanced to Stages 4 and 5; I’m stuck at Stage 3!! No husband. No kid. Yikes! Continue reading…