Is He Cheating?


The Long Distance Issue

My fiance lives in another country and we are in the process of waiting for his visa so that we can get married in the states. Recently, my fiance has been acting very strange and I believe there is another woman in the picture. Short of having him followed, I don't have any concrete proof. But he has been picking fights lately. He even wanted to cancel the visa out of the blue a few days ago. He didn't make good on his promise, in the fact the very next day he acted as if he had never said anything such thing. For the last four days he did nothing but shout at me and pick fights, and for the last two days afterwards he has acted like nothing ever happened. A lot of the words he said hurt and he just laughed it off when I brought up my feelings of hurt. When he picked the fight, he basically told me that he didn't care if we were apart and I could do whatever I wanted with my life. This stung, and he never apologized.

I also feel like I am pulling the weight of the relationship. He used to call and text and I comment on pictures I would send him. Now, I have to initiate contact every single time and the other day he acted irritated that I had initiated contact. When we talk he is not fully vested in the conversation. He will watch t.v. and text and talk to his room mate, and I have to wait until he's finished to get his full attention. That doesn't feel too good.

He has also been distant. It is very hard for me to learn about the details of his life without feeling like I am interrogating him. He used to open up to me and make me feel a like a part of his life. He will usually tell me when he's going out of town, and in the past has called me from where ever he traveled to. Today, he went to a soccer game (which he told me nothing about) in another city and din't tell me he would be leaving. He didn't call or make contact. When he came home, he got online via webcam but didn't make contact with me. I contacted him, and when asked he said he went to the game "alone" which is also out of character (and someone took pictures of him at the game, which he showed me, this seemed odd.) He has a lot of friends that could go with him and he wouldn't usually go alone, and who would have taken the pictures of him? When we were talking he was really happy and doing something else on his computer. I suspect foul play.

My suspicions started a few weeks ago when he got dressed up for his birthday and went to a restaurant "alone". He gave me some information about the place he went to that didn't add up, and again someone was taking pictures of him. Unless he has a paprazzi I don't know who is taking these pics.

He changed his password to his e-mail which I had access to. This also tipped me off.

He still tells me he loves me and refers to me as "his future wife". He still shares some things that are important to him. All of this change in behavior started occurring after we had an awesome conversation in which we were really open with each other and felt really close. The 180 degree behavior change was confusing and has been hard to handle. I really don't know what happened or what is happening.

If anyone has ever been in a long distance relationship and could give me some insight or advice I would really appreciate it.