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Which one will you be incorporating into your home?

Every year new and exciting home decoration trends surface. 2013 is no different. In fact, many home decorators in Manchester & Cheshire have remarked that this year’s trends are some of their favourites. If you are someone who enjoys keeping their home looking stylish and updated, then this article is perfect for you. From dazzling embellished walls to imperial emerald green; read on to discover this year’s hottest interior decorating trends…

This is the perfect trend for those looking to add the wow factor to their home. These walls add a depth of beauty and character to any space. The added dimension creates a level of intrigue which cannot be emulated by another other paint, wallpaper or wall design. From walls laced in crystals to hand painted wallpaper to textured grass wallpaper; there is an option to suit all tastes and all rooms. In fact, there is even a woman who used 30,000 bottle caps in eye-catching geometric patterns when embellishing the exterior of her home – it doesn’t get much more creative and ambitious than that! The rule for 2013 is; don’t hold back. The more detail and the greater intricacy – the better.

Consider the luxury of metallic wallpapers are another must-have trend for 2013. Brass and copper have already proved their worth throughout the year, and this is a unique and beautiful way of incorporating these shades into your home. Not only does metallic wallpaper look fantastic, but it has a lot to offer a room in other ways as well. During the day it brings a much-needed dosage of light to any space, whilst in the evening it can create a warm and romantic vibe. Whether you want to go for plain or patterned wallpaper is entirely up to you. Seek the advice of the home decorators in Manchester & Cheshire you choose to use – they will be able to tell you what will look best for the room in question.

So there you have it; fantastic interior trends to choose from when hiring home decorators in Manchester & Cheshire. Which one will you be incorporating into your home? Do you love the sweet and scrumptious pastel shades? Are you a fan of the elegant, imperial and traditional emerald green? Perhaps you are more of a futuristic fan and thus love the copper and bronze metallic luxurious wallpaper options? Or, do you wish to go for the dazzling and add an extra dimension through an embellished wallpaper choice? Or, finally were you the one in class who loved maths, and thus want to bring some shapes into your home with the geometric wallpaper trend? One thing is for sure; you can’t say you are short of fantastic options!