Celebrity Sex Talk: Stars' TMI Confessions

Celebrity Sex Talk: Stars' TMI Confessions

These celebrities just don't know when to zip it.

If there's one thing celebrities love talking about, it's sex (just check out our celebrity sex quotes if you don't believe us!).

One repeat offender is comedian Russell Brand. 

A former sex addict, Russell opened up recently about his wild past, and did a bit of oversharing when asked about the most sexual climaxes he's ever experienced. 

"Once in Dublin. Nine. It wasn't even a day. It was an evening. It was crazy there. What a mental night it was. I felt exhausted the next day. No, I wasn't on drugs. After I've came off drugs, I had a lot of energy that needed to go somewhere, and I thought … [motions to waist] that way."

Later, he discussed his sex life with ex-wife Katy Perry during a comedy show. "I'd be having sex thinking, 'Think of anyone, anyone else.'" Ouch!

However, Russell's not the first, nor will he be the last celeb to share a few details too many. From Gwyneth Paltrow to Jessica Simpson, see who's gone too far: Celebrities' TMI Confessions: Stars Overshare About Their Sex Lives


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