I Want My Husband To Love Me Again - Is There Too Much To Work?


Pay attention to his needs, soon he will be attracted to you again.

There are so many women who ask this question, feeling they are trapped in a marriage that is without love and where it is all just a sham. In most cases, it does not happen overnight. It is usually the result of longstanding problems that one just does not focus on. So when women say that they want their husbands to love them again, they need to go back to the time when this was true and they also need to turn the focus on their own lives and see what has changed from their side.

Let’s look at a few ways to tackle this and get things back to the way they were.

Stop pitying yourself -

First of all, stop pitying yourself. If you want to turn back the clock, you need to tackle the situation purposefully, not sit wallowing in self-pity. You need to face the fact that changing the situation is up to you. If you wait and sit back hoping the man will do so, you are living in a fool’s paradise and all you will succeed in doing is driving him even further away. The remedy is in your hands so let’s start.

Be Grateful -

The first thing you need to feel grateful for is the fact that your husband is still with you, and you are just trying to win his love back. So now, you need to make things change so that he is with you because he wants to and because he can’t live without you. You need to make yourself indispensable to him in every way. Remember, the final victor is you so do what you have to with zeal and with precision.

Men want to feel being admired and respected -

One reason a man stops paying you attention is because you have stopped making him feel admired and respected. Don’t lay on the flattery too thick that he starts to feel uncomfortable – do it gradually. Start complimenting him, start paying attention to what he says and start listening to him.

A man faces so many pressures at work and the last thing he wants is more tension when he comes home. Make him feel glad to come home – make him welcome, give him your undivided attention, even if it for just half an hour before you busy yourself with the housework.

If you have children, make sure you have taken care of all their needs before he is home and let him know that he takes precedence over them when he comes in. Paying him attention and making him feel wanted and appreciated is such a big step in any relationship and the way to a man’s heart is sympathy and good food. Keep him happy on both counts and he is yours. Make some of his favourite dishes from time to time and make sure you have a romantic evening together at least once a month if not more often.

Men hate being nagged -

Nagging is another thing that most men hate. Tell him once, then drop it. If something important is missed out, send him an email or a note with a gentle reminder, not an order and not in anger or irritation. A husband will always respond to affection so try and be as affectionate as you can. Try and laugh together and talk about the happy times.

What you need to do when he is away at work is to make time to meet friends and to have a life that is away from home so you are not stressed out either. See how you can have fun too, with friends, with your children, with other members of your family.

Make your home a place that is his refuge, one that makes him hurry back to it every day and you will hold on to your husband for keeps. A husband who loves his home and sees it as a haven of peace is the husband that will always love his wife.