Love Bytes: How Do You Know If You're In The Friend Zone?

friend zone
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Also, is there a nice way to dump someone?

One of life's biggest bummers is when the person you want to have sex with doesn't want to do sex with you. Coloquially, we call this disappointment "being relegated to the friend zone." But how do you know if you've entered the friend zone? (Good Men Project)

Is there really a humane way to break up with someone? All's fair in love and war, Timmy. (ANewMode)

What you should know if you're moving in with someone. Especially if they are VERY difficult. (BroBible)

A guy who doesn't want to move in with you MAY be a "mandolescent." But how can you be totally sure? (Glo.MSN.com)

Yoiks. What would you do if you couldn't orgasm? (Essence)

Have a great hookup story? These guys NEED to hear it. (Gurl.com)

If your boyfriend is less than romantic, how would you get him going? (ANewMode)

Ugh, the fuzz are always ruining good times. This time they broke up an epic sex party at a Masonic temple. (Huffington Post)

What qualities do you love most in a man? Gorgeousness? (Ranker)

Can you get over a crush? As much as I can make a shoe stink. (Gurl.com)

Well great. It looks like Pippa Middleton may've gotten herself engaged (to be married) (to a man). (The Daily Beast)

Fan-dang-tastic. A man sold his Spider-Man #1 comic to bankroll his daughter's wedding. (WetPaint)

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