Can This Unusual Arrangement Improve Your May-December Relation


Relationships aren’t easy, especially a May-December relationship.

Relationships aren’t easy, especially a May-December relationship. Dating an older man isn’t always just about the money—they require just as much, if not more, effort than regular relationships. Women who date older men are more likely to face issues about kids, marriage, and sex, which can lead to other obstacles or disagreements in your May-December relationship. If you’re having trouble in your May-December relationship, one researcher has a solution that might work: don’t sleep in the same bed. Colleen Carney, of the Sleep and Depression Laboratory at Ryerson University, believes that sleeping apart can actually bring a couple closer together in the relationship because they’re able to get a better night’s sleep when they’re alone. According to her findings, your brain doesn’t enter the deeper stages of sleep when there’s someone next to you because you’re constantly being woken up by their movements and sounds. Being better rested can make it easier to manage issues that arise in your May-December relationship—have you ever tried to solve a problem with someone who was tired and agitated? It will be a lot easier when you’re both thinking straight. Read complete story at: