An Open Question to Matthew Hussey


Get the Guy expert explains why not to be done with love. I ask how?

Matthew Hussey, the real-life Hitch, posted his video blog titled "Done With Love" on how not to be finished with romance. Women have good reason it seems to be done with men. YourTango statistics seem to show us what a bad value proposition love can be.

According to YourTango Love Facts, men are more guility of being cheaters, liars, will sleep with another woman after you give birth to his baby, won't want you if you gain weight, and generally can't be trusted. So why bother?

With such heartbreaking facts, it makes sense that women have good reason to be done with men. However, it dawned on me that not all men fall into the scoundrel category. So, I posed this question to Matthew Hussey:

Hi Matt,

I routinely see facts on YourTango that say how 60% of married men have admitted cheating and that 55% of men would be bothered if their partner gained weight. Statistics like this are another reason why I often think/feel “why bother”? Why bother if the odds are high that you will be hurt and betrayed. But then I think, there are 40% of married men and 45% of guys who wouldn’t cheat (assuming they are telling the truth) and aren’t bothered by weight gain. So my question is, how can I find them and how can I determine that they are these kind of men? the loyal and not shallow kind? Furthermore, how can I train my love picker to only notice or be attracted to the loyal, faithful, and true men of character?

Eagerly awaiting the answer from Mr. Hussey.