Celebrity Sex: Who Is The Latest Child Star With A Sex Video?

Celebrity Sex: Who Is The Latest Child Star With A Sex Video?

Hint: She's famous for her red hair.

Prepare to be horrified, nostalgic film buffs! Another child star has stripped down to her skivvies in an X-rated film. 

According to TMZ, the 39-year-old actress is claiming that her ex-boyfriend is attempting to sell her "private hardcore sex tape" to the media.

The ginger actress tells TMZ that she is very angry with her ex and so far hasn't been approached by any companies to sell the tape. Since film companies need her permission, we don't think this little skin flick will be hitting a small screen near you anytime soon ... unless her ex "leaks" the video online.

We say "leaks" because she has posted a series of racy shots on Twitter featuring her toned body in lingerie and revealing "shirts."

If she does decide to sell the tape for extra milk money, we'd recommend Vivid Entertainment. If a company is willing to buy Farrah Abraham's footage, chances are they aren't exactly too picky.

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