Josh Duhamel: 'Fergie Will Be An Amazing Mom'

Parenting: Josh Duhamel: 'Fergie Will Be An Amazing Mom'

Josh Duhamel cannot contain his excitement about his son with Fergie, due in just one week.

Safe Haven star Josh Duhamel is one busy daddy-to-be.

With his baby boy arriving "in about a week," Josh opens up about his lovely wife Fergie, whom he has "no doubt" will "be an amazing mom."

To celebrate their new addition, the couple threw a "gayby" shower earlier this summer, which featured burlesque dancers in drag. Fergie also made sure to legally change her name to Fergie Duhamel before the little man arrived.

"Everybody that I know that has children says it changes their life and that you can't understand the kind of love you have for a child until you have a kid, and so I'm excited for that," Josh says.

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