Saluting Love: The 7 Most Touching Soldier Homecoming Videos

soldier with wife

Love: an indestructible force.

As today is Veterans Day, we had to take a moment to think on the sacrifices made not just by our service men and women, but by their families as well. Military families give up so much to help their loved ones serve. But it's all worth it, when a soldier comes home to his or her mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife. Even the family dog gets excited.

Family reunions are made that much more magical when the family being reunited was separated by war. We've rounded up our seven favorite videos of soldiers coming home to their loving families. Grab the tissues, and get ready to get misty-eyed.

And remember to take a moment today to thank any service men and women in your life. We couldn't do what we do without them.

Sneak attack!


Nothing like a mother's love.

It works on dogs, too.

Operation Rattlesnake? Try Operation Crafty Parents.

You gotta love the look on her mother's face.

A little summertime Christmas cheer.

And sometimes, it works in reverse.