Am I a rebound or is this real?


I met this guy at work that was training me and our chemistry seemed immediate. He had a gf though but they were seeming to have a lot of problems. He said she was always trying to break up with him and he was not sure what to do. I came on a little strong to him and we were working together everyday. I broke up with my bf. A week later he broke up with her and we started talking. He said he never had serious feelings for his ex he had been with for a year. He told me he feels differently about me then his last 2 gfs. That he never had serious feelings like this. I am the complete opposite of his ex she is blond and very beautiful.. i am more emo looking with a lot of tattoos. he says we are the complete opposite. We slept together after only a week and spent a lot of time together. I have already met his parents(he lives at home) and he's telling me he's never felt this way before. He found out his ex was pregnant but he still wants to stay with me. I know we have moved really fast but we have never felt this way before. My friends tell me I should worry about being a rebound since we moved so fast. Is it possible I'm a rebound ?


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