4 Awesome, If Expensive, Bachelorette Pad Ideas


These expensive items will make your pad pop.

Looking to make a few improvements to your bachelorette pad but don't know where to start? It's hard to blame you. There are so many ways you could go about upgrading your living space that you might not be able to pick one place to start. But let me tell you: picking one place is definitely the way to go. That way you can get the very best, rather than spending a little bit on a bunch of mediocre upgrades.

If you have some money laying around and want to make your house or apartment really pop, check out these ideas for upgrades.

Cuddle Couch

Sure, you need a regular couch in your apartment. If people are going to come over, you'll need a place for them to sit. But when you're all by your lonesome, you might not want to sit on the couch. I know I don't. I like to sprawl, sure, but I like something a bit more personal. Enter this cuddle couch. It's spacious, so you can really spread yourself out. The cup holders on the arms make it even better. That way you know you won't spill your glass of wine! Then, when you have the right person come over, you can share an intimate space. Who wouldn't want to cuddle on this thing?

An item like this is not cheap. For many it's more than a paycheck. But all that saving will be worth it when you can come home from work and plop yourself down on this. It'll be worth many times its cost if you do find that special person to share it with.

Shoe Rack

Seriously, how did I get so many shoes? At one point I swear I had enough clear boxes for all of them. Apparently I've bought more than I remember. The result has been a messy pile of shoes in my closet. That just won't do. What good is a shoe collection if it's not well organized and displayed? The answer is to find a good shoe rack. What's great about the selection here is that you can pick something that fits your style. Want something old school? You can pick one that has drawers and other add-ons. Looking for pure utility? Pick something that gives you the most possible space.

Chance are you'll need more than one shoe rack, which is fine if you have the money (and if you have the money to buy that many shoes, you should have the money to buy enough space to store the shoes). I have one of the utility racks, which holds the bulk of my shoes. Then I have another that houses my very favorite pairs. They get the job done.

Bed with Storage

If you live in a city, you know that storage space comes at a premium. I know plenty of people who have built lofts for their beds. That might work for some people, but I don't trust myself climbing up a ladder after a few glasses of wine! The best solution I've found is to ditch the traditional bed frame and go for something a bit more creative. There are plenty of ways to create a bed that has storage space below it -- way more than your traditional store-bought frame.

Worse comes to worst, you can go to Ikea and get a bed with Captain's drawers. I've always found that they're not nearly deep enough, though. A custom built option like this will probably be pretty cheap, and will last longer than an Ikea frame.


A simple bar does the trick, right? But a fancy bar will really set your apartment apart from the rest. Imagine this wine barrel bar in your bachelorette pad. It's great because it stores not only wine, but glasses as well. Again, with city apartments it's difficult not only to store clothes, but also to store kitchen items. This barrel, which will fit well in all but the tiniest apartments, stores essentially everything you need to create a great bar.

Now go pour yourself a glass of wine. Your cuddle chair awaits.