The Surprising Thing Many Sugar Babies Are Doing During Sex


Today’s sugar babies are taking phone sex to a whole new level.

Today’s sugar babies are taking phone sex to a whole new level. A recent survey has revealed that almost one in five young adults (between the ages of 18 and 34) in the U.S. is guilty of looking at their smartphones while having sex. And it isn’t only young people who do it. One in 10 American adults over the age of 34 uses their device during the deed as well.

The survey doesn’t specify what exactly they’re doing with their smartphones when they should be focusing on doing something else. But these numbers do shed light on how much the mobile age is changing the dynamic of sex and relationships. It’s like we’ve become a population that’s so attached to our smartphones, they’ve become like an extension of who we are—we can’t live without them, even during sex. The survey proved this point—almost three-quarters of the respondents (72%) admitted that most of the time, they’re no more than five feet away from their smartphone, regardless of what they’re doing.

This can be especially damaging for younger women who are with older men. You might feel like you can’t live without your cell phone, but to your sugar daddy, it might just be a huge distraction. An older man might not get why you have to check your phone during sex and he might start to feel like you’re bored or too preoccupied to give him what he needs in the sack.
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