Women have to know the art of cross-stitch


1.What is a cross-stitch? 2.The origin of the cross-stitch 3.The purpose of the cross-stitch

Direct, to get down to business with you enjoy the beautiful cross-stitch work, next time I will teach you how to do cross-stitch, hope our life more fulfilling. 1.What is a cross-stitch? Cross-stitch, is to use special embroider line and cross cloth, using warp/weft interweave by the method of cross reference the coordinates of special design for embroidery, embroidered with the same effect anyone can a embroidery method. Cross-stitch embroidery is an ancient nation, has a long history. Many ethnic minorities in our daily life, there has been a homemade cross-stitch handicraft. Due to the various countries' culture is not the same, with the passage of time, cross-stitch in the development of all countries have formed their own different styles, both embroider line, the color of the fabric or material, design, do not provide craftsmanship. 2.The origin of the cross-stitch Lace is a kind of ancient Chinese traditional embroidery technology, it is distributed widely, including hubei huangmei originated the first edition, the most representative and influential, dominant in the history of China, open-work process, therefore "huangmei edition" was also the representative of each edition, and collectively. Huangmei edition also known as "cross" edition, "cross-stitch", originated in the tang and song dynasty, xing Ming. 14th century huangmei open-work spread to Europe via Turkey, as European Renaissance, huangmei lace for stitch is simple, strong expressiveness and quickly spread across Europe court. Sustained communion between Chinese and western culture makes the huangmei lace STITCH, designs, colors and further develop in Europe, huangmei open-work because is given priority to with CROSS STITCH, so it have to be translated into "CROSS - STITCH," Europe, namely, cross-stitch. Twentieth century global economic integration makes the huangmei edition by Japan and South Korea returnees, CROSS - STITCH is commonly known as the Chinese consumers as "cross-stitch", Mr Chen Shaoping Chinese embroidery experts have repeatedly pointed out that the foreign "cross-stitch" is the "huangmei edition" spread overseas. 3.The purpose of the cross-stitch Look from the purpose of the cross-stitch roughly divided into four parts, the first is the clothing, clothing; The second is accessories, accessories; The third is the daily necessities and household adornment; The fourth is the leisure, dating. The first clothing, apparel. In Europe, cross-stitch in and s is all the rage, in China, as early as the tang dynasty in dunhuang fresco "cloud shoulder", "cloud shoulder" this dress in the sui and tang dynasties, the yuan dynasty period, such as only the palace noble gentry can access (enjoy), of which the image is "satisfied" mixture "happy anniversary satisfied", etc. "Cloud shoulder" embroidered on product package, and children with bib. The second accessories, jewelry. Accessories in ancient times from the product categories are: pouch, tobacco pouch, perfume pouch, waist pouch, miscellaneous treasure belly pouch, fan cover, fan bag, handkerchief bag, glasses box, jewelry box for dignitaries, more letters. Has "the west chamber" from the meaning of "and", "kao red", "listening to music", "ritual", "recent" for love, many children such as implied, peace, good luck! The third daily necessities. The old door curtain, "bill" "pillow" "pillow" "picture" and other daily necessities. Until today in development of cross-stitch, cross-stitch pillow in the most common, and embroidered a pillow to the one you love, have their own thoughts and wishes. Besides cross-stitch embroidery and ribbon. Famous embroidery have "three Yang kaitai ZhenTouDing", "benefit", "fairy pot set anniversary", "in front", "door curtain ribbon", etc. Cross-stitch mostly as a luxury to enjoy and more in www.mmotank.com .You like this,please take care of me or my site!!!