5 Metabolism Boosting, Fat Burning Tips


Help boost your metabolism and aid your weight loss with these simple tips.

People refer to their metabolism a lot when they talk about weight loss. It’s that elusive internal system that helps or hinders, depending on genetics. Or is it?

There are a lot of misconceptions about it so let me clear a few up and show you how to give your metabolism a little boost.

What is Metabolism?

“Metabolism” refers to your bodies chemical reactions that are responsible for maintaining the living state of your cells and organisms. These reactions can either be anabolic or catabolic.

There are some very scientific explanations of anabolic and catabolic metabolism, but to make things simple, anabolic is constructive (i.e. Good!) and catabolic is destructive (i.e. Bad).

Your metabolic functioning relies heavily on nutrition. Good metabolism requires key nutrients for energy production. This energy then creates new DNA and RNA proteins. This helps repair and restore all your cells, tissues and organs.

All these functions are what burns your calories. Even when you are sleeping or resting, your body is constantly working. While the number of calories you consume affects your metabolism, there are a few things you can do to rev it up a bit.

For a few metabolism pumping, pound dropping help, add these 5 fat burning tips to your daily routine.

1. Spice Up Breakfast

Most cereals are full of sugar and super processed. Swap them out for an egg white omelet with a dash of cayenne pepper.

Eggs are a great source of protein and the dash of cayenne will rev up your bodies epinephrine levels, which gets things moving a little faster.

2. Get Your Cardio-On

Did you know that as little as 60 seconds of maximum cardio exertion can boost your metabolism enough to work a little harder? That’s right. A quick cardio interval session that has you working hard for 20 seconds with 10 second rest periods is simple and effective.

3. Enjoy a Caffeine Kick

It’s no secret that coffee and espresso are used to wake up the body. After all, that’s why we all love our morning cup of joe. Toss back a quick cup of coffee or a shot of espresso to wake you up and your metabolism.

This doesn’t mean suck back a soy latte. Avoid any over-the-top caffeinated beverages like lattes and cappuccinos because they are full of sugar and excess calories.

4. Snack Smart

Waiting till you feel pangs of hunger is actually doing your body a disservice. Don’t wait until you’re starving to eat; snack smart.

You should be eating something small and healthy every 2-3 hours. This keeps your body constantly working and your metabolism humming along smoothly.

For healthy snack options, think berries. Berries make your body produce the hormone adiponectin which is a great fat burner.

5. Enjoy a Cup of Tea

Up for a little high tea? White, green and oolong teas are rich with antioxidants that positively affect your metabolic functioning. Besides tasting great, they also help flush your body of toxins and keep you hydrated throughout the day.

These fat burning tips are easy to adopt and will help give your metabolism the boost it needs to work a little bit faster.