A Surprising New Place to Meet a Future Sugar Daddy


If you’re on the hunt for a sugar daddy, you know it isn’t always as easy as walking into a bar.

If you’re on the hunt for a sugar daddy, you know it isn’t always as easy as walking into a bar, cuddling up to a handsome older man, and calling it a night. It usually takes just a little more effort to find a sugar daddy worth keeping, but it helps if you know where to look. The next time you’re invited to a wedding, you should join in the festivities because, as a new survey reveals, there’s a good chance you could meet someone. If you’re a younger woman on the hunt for a sugar daddy, weddings are a good place to start looking.

A popular dating web site recently polled 1,000 of its active members and found that almost half of the single women (46%) and almost three-quarters of single men (74%) are on the lookout for potential partners as soon as they get to the wedding. Almost a third of the respondents agreed that a wedding is the best function to meet a future mate, be it a sugar daddy/sugar baby or a more traditional relationship.

It makes total sense—nothing makes you more desperate for companionship than showing up to a love-fest when you’re single. It might sound like you’re just taking advantage of a single person’s vulnerability at a wedding, but if you’re both in the same boat, why not paddle together?

The next time you’re at a wedding and you scope out a potential sugar daddy, here are some tips to help get the ball rolling:

• If you spot an older man who you think you might be interested in pursuing, keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t have a wife or girlfriend that’s just stepped away. By doing some discreet observing, you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly if he’s flying solo. Is he looking around a lot? Does his body language look welcoming? (Hands on his hips are good; arms crossed over his chest are bad.)

• Try to make eye contact with your potential sugar daddy and then flash him a coy smile so that he knows you’re interested.

• Don’t just wait around for him to make the first move—you don’t want to risk another single woman swooping in on him. Strike up a conversation by introducing yourself and asking how he knows the bride and groom. Keep him hooked by asking him to get a drink at the bar, or if a good song comes on while you’re chatting, ask him to dance.

• Don’t get too sloshed at the bar. The last thing you want to do is come across sloppy and desperate when you talk to your future sugar daddy. Older men don’t have the patience to deal with too much emotional baggage—you may be younger, but you still want to give the impression that you’re classy and mature.


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