Are you Dating a Psycho Online


Ways to discern if your partner is a psycho or a lover

As much as online dating can be a great way of being part of a relationship where you are most of the time caught up building fantasies about how far you’d like this relationship to go. But then, one has to realize that there is another side to it and that is a something one does not like to get a taste of. If you still dint get the idea is being discussed here, it’s the ability to be able to discern the difference between affection cum love and a psychic kind of love. The latter part is mostly realized at a later point when things have gone too far, because one tends to get so caught up in love and affection that it takes some time for them to realize what they’ve gotten themselves into. If you think you’re one of those who is dating a psycho online, here are ways you can be quite sure about that:
Too Much Of Communication
There is a difference between a psychotic partner and an ordinary one. The latter category consists of one who calls you just once in a while and leaves their contact number or mail addresses in case you’d like to get in touch with them. A whacked out psycho is one who keeps calling you and messaging you and tries to communicate with you across all possible media that you’re available on. This is definitely not called crazy love but there has to be something wrong with that person. The best way to identify a psycho is by analyzing the various degrees of communication, which keeps getting more intense, to a point where you are scared of him or her.
Overdose of Possessiveness
This is the extreme side of being affectionate and possessive. Any partner in a relationship would like to have some breathing space, without which things get very difficult, even to the point of disgust and depression. When your partner seems to be too interested in every phone call that you make and every outfit that you’re wearing, even while going to the nearest grocery store, it’s time you get worried and do something about. Even if by mistake you would have mentioned about a guy who was helpful in putting together books that you’ve accidentally dropped in the university library, you won’t be surprised if your psycho turns up the next day, not to surprise you but to bash up that “extra nice” guy who helped you out.

Online dating is something to do with the internet and this means that it exposes you to different categories of people, whose personalities are hard to judge in the beginning. One therefore has to be extra cautious about being caught up in such relationships and need to take things ahead slowly and gradually, carefully analyzing every single step that is being taken.

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