8 Grossest Things Animals Do For Love

8 Grossest Things Animals Do For Love

It can get pretty bad.

Male Whiptail Lizards…do not exist. All Whiptail Lizards are female, and reproduce by cloning themselves. For whatever freaky reason, they like to perform pseudocopulation with another female lizard before beginning the cloning process.


Cichlid fish fertilize their eggs in a less than savory way. After laying her eggs, the female carries them around in her mouth. Thinking that the spots on a nearby male’s body are lost eggs, she will attempt to suck them up, and get a spray of semen for her efforts.


Flatworms are hermaphroditic, and thus both partners can participate in genital fencing, which is exactly what it sounds like. Two flatworms try to stab each other why avoiding being stabbed themselves, and the “loser” gets the joy of motherhood.


The Long-tailed Macaque males will groom females to earn mating rights. They will eat the bugs right off of a chosen mate. How romantic!


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