The Different Faces of Marriage in Movies


The Different Faces of Marriage in Movies Marriage is defined as a sacred bond between two people who love each other and promises to be together until the end of time. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Folks should remember that marriage is no joke, it’s not easy as pie nor does it promise a happy fairytale ending.

In movies, marriage seems to be a celebrated universal topic that has been portrayed in varying perspectives. Most of them in fact are true to life experiences by real life couples. It’s a good thing that movies like these are produced for other married couples to pick up a thing or two about the real deal of marriage and what it all means. You can watch these movies together with your spouse and you might be able to spare your marriage relationship from the waterloo brought by accidents and inevitable incidents that can turn a happy marriage upside down. 

First up is “The Vow”. A newlywed couple who are very much in love with each other meets an accident, causing the woman to lose her memories of her husband. The husband does what he can to regain her memories, while the wife yearns for her old life without her husband. She goes back to her parents’ house and even goes as far as reuniting with her former boyfriend. And though the husband tries his best to recapture the flare of their marriage by asking her out again and having a “redo” on how they fell in love, his wife drifts away from him due to her confusion. The wife does not regain her memories but finds herself doing the same things she did in the past. And meeting once again with her former husband.

"The sweet thing about this movie is the husband’s respect for his wife’s decision. He was patient for her and chose to let her go if it means making her happy." 

“Fireproof”. The ever famous Love Dare Book that is the trigger of hope in the relation of a humble couple faced with a rut in their marriage. The male protagonist preoccupies himself by subscribing to porn sites while neglecting his relationship with his wife, causing their arguments and impending divorce. The Love Dare Book falls into the hands of this man that was handed by his father. Now, the young man follows the instructions in this diary and discovers love, spirituality and the real meaning of marriage.

"In every struggle, a married couple should know how to communicate and understand each other as well as appreciate the things that come along their way." 

Veering away from the drama, here is a romantic-comedy that will show you that sometimes people become too blind to see the flaws the person they are about to marry. “Just Married” tackles a story about two young couples that encounter minor problems that later on become a big issue that it even puts a strain in their relationship.

"Pet peeves and the like, depends on you whether how great the impact will be in your life. Maintaining a strong relationship with your spouse by being patient with them and being forgiving is a few talents required in marriage. You don’t marry a person because of their looks or how perfect they are, it is their imperfection that makes you love them just the way they are. And it’s not that you can live with them, but it’s because they are your other half and you can’t live without them."

Not to mention that this is probably the most romantic movie about marriage “The Notebook”. The plot portrays the life of two people intertwined by fate and love. This movie truly sends out the meaning of marriage and what comes after it. A tear-jerker and a reflection of life as two people’s journey is about to come to an end and yet chooses to still be together no matter what.

"Love transcending after years of trials. Being loyal and perfectly patient with your spouse, means a lot to them than you know. Being there for them whatever comes ahead in your marriage, is the measure of your relationship’s strength."

Other great movies to look out for:

The Story Of Us and Blue Valentine