Happy Parents' Day! 7 Hilarious Videos Of Moms & Dads Dancing

Happy Parents Day! 7 Hilarious Videos Of Moms & Dads Dancing

Celebrate the holiday the only way you know how.

There's Mother's Day, there's Father's Day, but did you know that there's Parents' Day too? And, it's today!

What better way to celebrate the holiday than with a few laughs of parents busting a move? Remember when mom tried to do the macarena at your cousin's wedding? Or when dad did the running man at your Sweet Sixteen?

Whether in the kitchen, on the dance floor, or even at a baseball game, we can count on mom and dad to break out the twist and make things a bit more interesting. Geez, parents do the darndest things!

These videos below remind us of all the embarrasing things our moms and dads do — and how much we love them for it.

Who says you can't boogy in the kitchen? We'll call this the Slipper Shuffle.


Lady Gaga's got some fierce competition.


No one —even the little boy doing cartwheels — can take the attention away from this dancing mama who brings back the robot with style and grace.


OK, starting to think there's a chapter in parenting handbooks for mastering the robot?


Someone get him a dance floor and a glowstick ASAP.


These are some moves only parents can do ... and maybe we should keep it that way.


She's one step away from Prancercising.


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