How Can I Rekindle The Romance In My Relationship?


Five of our experts offer advice on what is perhaps the biggest struggle for long-term couples.

Researchers say that within a short two to four years, the chemistry between a couple begins to wear off. So even if it's normal for long-term couples to lose "the spark" over time, how can they keep the romance alive?

In this video, Senior VP of Experts Melanie Gorman turns to YourTango Experts Sheila Paxton, Barbara Schiffman, Sherri Nickols and Charles Orlando to explain how to make date night zesty and exciting again.

"I think that changing environment is one way to stir up the chemistry in any relationship no matter if it’s a new one or many decades." Schiffman says. When you are outside your normal comfort zone things change. This makes everything feel brand new for you two.

"Now we go into the next phase of the relationship and we do get more playful," says Paxton, "we've got to be more resourceful to keep it fresh." You have to work hard to keep everything new and exciting. All the new stuff you are doing as a couple will bring you two closer and will make it feel like the relationship is brand new.

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