Quit Playing Games With His Heart!


My friend Declan finally dropped his drama Queen. All men should avoid her at all costs!

Declan is one of my honorary brothers. This year for his birthday I got him a jersey from the Irish National Soccer Team. When I told him that it had the flag of the Republic of Ireland on the front of the jersey he was thrilled. Declan is proud to be Irish-American and Catholic so he is so looking forward to his gift. Thankfully he will be celebrating his birthday weekend with new girlfriend, Sophia, who lives to make him happy.

Last year Declan was caretaking his drama queen ex Katja. Unlike Sophia, Katja existed to drive Declan crazy with her endless drama, sob stories, and general self-destruction. How did Declan finally get some Irish luck in his love life? He finally realized that Katja would never change. She would always be this drama diva queen who took and took like a psychic vampire. Between her fear of intimacy and lack of secure attachment, Katja had a case of reactive attachment disorder. Nonetheless, I remember telling Declan last fall that if I were his real life sister, Katja would have been punched in the face by now by me.

So today I discovered this blog by an Australian writer in NYC named Kat George titled "Why I Pretend I Don't Like You Like That". Not only did her article remind me of Katja's cray-cray mindset but a mixture of the Sex and the City character Samantha Jones with an Outback accent. Hypersexual language, histrionic ramblings, and narcissistic and thoughtless actions towards a guy she claims to care about, George's article was a personal narrative in a 20-something with a bonding disorder. Makes me wonder if this is another classic case of Daddy issues manifesting as a woman punishing men by witholding genuine affection.

No, I am not making a diagnosis, but I am calling foul on this behavior. She wants this guy to know she likes him and explains away her actions with saying that she is afraid to love. My response: you don't deserve a guy like this. Unless you are 12 years old any female who would treat a man she claims to care for in a special way in this manner does not deserve him. Just the way Katja never deserved Declan.

Think about it. You stab the one guy who makes your heart flutter in his heart on a daily basis. You dangle your conquests in his face every time you hang out. You clearly like the attention he gives you but won't allow him to be more than a buddy. You say you care but every action you describe is sadistic and hurtful if he felt something more than platonic towards you. I sense he does. Few straight men can be just friends unless he just likes the attention too.

From her many articles, Kat George is a Donna Juana, and the guy pal in her post has been smitten from the start. There is nothing touching about this post from George on Thought Catalog. If anything, it is a sign for her to take a good hard look at her intimacy issues. I hear The Meadows Clinic in Arizona is a great place to visit. George should take a trip to the desert to do some real soul searching. Otherwise, she will hurt any soulmate who enters her life. .