Everything Happens In 3's


When the student is ready the teacher(s) appear

On the first day of summer 2013 I finally made a choice. My matchmaker challenged me to show faith and remove the past from my heart. Not only would this make her job easier but mine as well. So she issued a challenge. It was simple. Her request was for me to say good-bye to any former love interests that still held a spot in my heart.

My matchmaker said that perhaps the only thing left to do to have a magic moment with a Michael Fassbender doppelganger of my own was to say goodbye to men from the past. Doing her homework was easy because there was only one man between my true love and I. So I said au revoir in one simple text message right away and that was that. Like a love fool I hoped he would resurface in my life again and feel the same. It was clear that he never wanted me in his life and never would.

There is no one reason or set of reasons why I hoped for the hopeless. When he showed up in my life it was a pleasant surprise. I was glad that the guy before him turned out to be a dud because he was a faker while this one was the genuine article. I'd happily lose the guy before him all over again just to have the space to meet him again. Now, I want to be able to say the same thing about somebody new.

The open space attracted the right resources right away. In addition to my matchmaker Anni Powers and my Tantra Yoga teacher Devi Ward, I discovered Tamara Green, a social worker and love mentor trained by Dr. Diana Kirschner, and fertility coach Elisabeth Manning. The combination of Devi, Tamara, and Elisabeth my dreams are getting support. I'm the only person who can manifest my dreams but energetic and soul support goes a long way. My heart's desire is to have children of my own and raise them with both parents.

Now that these wise women are in place I'm going to blog my journey along the way. All the dates I meet through Anni. The heart opening experiences throuh Devi's brand of dance. Every love breakthrough gained by participating in Tamara Green's group coaching for committed love seekers. The fertile life I am creating through mentoring with Elisabeth Manning. Just like with Heather Strang and her BodyTalk sessions, or Debi Berndt's Engaged In A Year program, my specific choices to support my family and life goals, are resources I love sharing through writing. There is no need to struggle alone. Reaching out to the proper resources is the first step. Whatever happens, I know that my efforts were 100% aligned with my heart's deepest longing.