Is This Bethenny Frankel's New Boyfriend?

Celebrity Couples: Is This Bethenny Frankel's New Boyfriend?

Because we all visit romantic St. Tropez with a billionaire and keep it completely platonic.

Soon-to-be divorced Bethenny Frankel seems to have found a shoulder to cry on. People magazine caught her waltzing around beautiful, exotic (and romantic) St. Tropez with longtime friend (err, boyfriend?) Warren Lichtenstein.

… Ya know, her successful chairman and CEO of Steel Partners Holdings L.P. confidant.

… That's right, her hedge-fund mogul, billionaire BFF.

Still not sure who he is? Here's a quick rap sheet on the wonder kid:

  1. Ok, at 47 he might not be a wonder kid. But when he was just 26, he made his fortune when Steel Partners became a publicly traded company in 1992.
  2. He's got his own "case of the ex" and is currently suing his ex-wife Annabelle Bond over child support payments for their daughter Isabella.
  3. A skilled musician, Mr. Cader moonlighted as a percussionist while trading, and has a credit for playing rub-board on the 1985 Talking Heads album Little Creatures.
  4. He's a native New Yorker, born and raised in Great Neck, Long Island.
  5. And this is his third trip to St. Tropez with Bethenny, 42. Yes, third.

But hey, what's a few trips between friends? It's not like she's staying at his place when they're not vacationing ... or is she? According to some reports, Bryn's mama is already playing house (well, the New York City version of house) and is shacked up in his $6.3 million Upper East Side apartment.

And while they're taking Hollywood's typical course of [re]action to deny, deny, deny, I wouldn't be surprised if these two just happen to get together once her nasty divorce with Jason Hoppy is finalized. From the looks of things, that swanky Tribeca loft and her post-divorce singlehood will quickly become old memories!

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