7 Ways To Spice Up Baby-Making Sex

7 Ways To Spice Up Baby-Making Sex

Trying to conceive doesn't have to be boring. Here's how to shake things up.

Don't be afraid to be lusty
"Some people think having a baby is supposed to be done out of love and that conditions are supposed to be perfect and pure," Dr. Schiffman notes. Unfortunately, this mentality makes for less-than-sizzling sessions in the bedroom. When your thoughts and feelings are a little too clinical, suggest a role-play that your partner likes or tell your partner about a fantasy you've always wanted to try. "You don't have to act them out to get your sexual feelings across," Dr. Schiffman says. But saying something deliciously out of character might remind you both why you wanted this sexy guy to put a bun in your oven in the first place.

Take a YOLO approach to your love life
If you've been putting off trying something new or indulgent, like experimenting with toys or taking a weekend away at a super-cute B&B, Stop. It. Right. Now. "Making time for sex is only going to get harder when you have kids," Pressman says. "You may as well go for broke now." Can't get away or afford sensual props? Simply switch up the place you get busy. If you've got a guest room, pop in there, or get down on the living room couch or sofa bed. Just don't forget to pull the blinds first ... or maybe do, if that's what you're into.

Bond more outside of the bedroom
"Activities that stimulate your mind and body can also enhance sexual feelings, whether it's dancing, doing something athletic, or even taking a walk after a trip to the movies," Dr. Schiffman says. Equally important is making time to relax together. Enrolling in a couple's mind/body wellness class is ideal, but if that sounds too woo-woo, joining a sports league, taking tango lessons, or trying a wine tasting may do the trick. "And don't pass up big adventures like a trip to Machu Picchu just because you have a certain timeline for pregnancy," Pressman says. The key is to keep putting the two of you first, even if you hope to have a third on the way soon.

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