Be a Gentleman, No Matter What


Why are gentlemen a thing of the past?

I recently read an article on 'Your Tango' speaking patience. It is a learned behavior some men give short shrift. Male patience is usually at low ebb when communicating with females, children, and other perceived life-bothers. My advice to men for gaining patience is this: next time you go shopping, take that one thing you came for and find the longest line. Unfortunately, it may also lend a negative view toward men generally: We're professional idiots.

I can see it now, people standing in the short lines, vainly waving at the guy with one thing in the long line over to their line and the guy dumbly staring, shrugging his shoulders. Take the risk anyway. You'll gain patience in the end. (This will work for women too, maybe.)

What's the secret? It's the easiest prayer God answers. "Lord, give me patience." I don't pray that prayer any more. I get patience challenges without asking and I'm sure you do too.