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Breast Augmentation or Breast enhancement is also termed as mammoplasty; it is a medical terminology for breast enhancement. Various types of surgeries involved are placing or implant of silicone cups or saline breast implants. The placement is either behind the breast tissue. The placement can even be beneath the chest muscle, adding shape,size and fullness to the brust size. This procedure is performed to make smaller breasts appear big and large. Sometimes this procedure is opted for balancing breasts that are asymmetric. Even helpful for restoring the fullness diminished by age or due to pregnancy.
Breast growth is only possible over a steady period if and only if it accompanies a healthy diet and regular chest exercises. Most of the intense chest exercises involve a lot of calorie burn and fat reduction. It is necessary to eat healthy diet and maintain the hardness in bust area.

Some foods for Breast Enhancement:

Milk and Dairy Food

Milk helps to increase the hormones responsible for the breast growth and lactation. But the fact is that milk products also increase the calories in your body; thereby increasing your weight. So it is better to discuss the intake of milk with dietician and decide the amount of dairy food intake.

Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables offer essential nutrients as vitamins and minerals, and they contain many other compounds needed for the growth of bust. Fruits containing high estrogen are good for health. Here is a list of fruits that help to increase bust size.

o Banana – Helps the growth of hormone necessary for breast enhancement and lactation

o Apple – Contains high estrogen and regular intake of apple assuredly helps to increase the bust size.

o Tomatoes - They help to increase bust size and keep the wrinkles away from your body.

o Pomegranates – contains estrogen that helps stimulate the breast size.

o Cherries – Moderate intake helps regulate the estrogen level in your body.

Other than above listed fruits you can also take Grapes, Strawberry, Lemon, Loquat and Dragon Fruit in a limited amount in your diet. Do consult your doctor before adding them in your diet.

Meat, fish and Non-Veg Foods

Some of the non-veg food items help to raise the estrogen value but it is necessary to limit excessive intake of these food.

Breast Enhancement Herbs –Some known breast growth herbs are; Saw Palmetto, Flax Seed and Fenugreek.

All content are for information purpose only; these should not be treated as a substitute for medical advice of doctor or any other health care professional. It is suggested to take advice from your doctor.

Exercise for breast enhancement:

Bench press is an exercise useful for breast enhancement. One of the best exercises, for shaping and firming bust line is the bench press; which not only flattering bust-line and goals of character but also shapes shoulders and tightens the backs of upper arms.

It requires pair of dumbbells weighing between 5-10 pounds and a bench.

Breast enhancement products:

Pills are a solution in getting bigger breast. Pills are much safer as compared to the surgery which is why it is much more popular. You can choose from a list of pills and herbs, some of which are totally made from natural ingredients. These pills correct the hormonal imbalance thus helping to get larger breast. Many commercials promote pills as a way of getting a larger breast, but you must first make sure that the pills you are taking are approved by the authorities. Check its content and know the side affects you may get from taking it.

Natural Breast Enhancement products versus Breast Surgery:

Below the highlighted list of some positives of natural breast enhancement products over surgery are given:

 A Safer treatment: Natural breast enhancement treatment such as herbal pills is a safer option than the risks associated with surgery. Most of the natural breast enhancement products use safely tested ingredients; to be used without any danger.

 A Cheaper solution: All natural breast enhancement products are cheaper than the expensive costs involved in breast enhancement surgeries. Women who use natural enhancements can still afford to treat themselves to new bras and clothes with the successful treatment.

 More natural in appearance: Most women want to improve their breast appearance, but not in a dramatic way; appearing to be false or out of proportion with the rest of their body.


Having a larger breast is a matter of inheritance. However, there are several remedies that can answer the problems of having a small breast. Various solutions are there for a woman to get a breast enlargement naturally without counting on much in breast augmentation. These solutions are pretty much cheaper and less hazardous than a surgical operation.


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